Proofreading UK

Docfixers is a professional UK proofreading and editing service. All of our UK proofreaders and editors are experienced, educated to degree standard and native English speakers. Our UK proofreading staff are from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds so we will almost always have the knowledge to understand your document – if we don’t then we’ll tell you up front.

English Proofreading

What is English proofreading? English proofreading is the reading of a document to detect and correct errors of spelling, grammar, syntax and context. English proofreading need to be consistently accurate because they occupy the last stage of editing before publication or submission of your document . Good English proofreading is a very detail-oriented process and requires a strong understanding of the language.

Using Docfixers is simple


  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Professional experienced editors
  • Competitive prices


English Proofreaders

 It is the English proofreader’s job to ensure that your document is completely correct and that the ideas or arguments that it contains are clear and concise. The final document will be representative of your work, therefore it is imperative that the English proofreader helps to produce a well defined, error-free document.

Proofreading Free Trial !

Send us a sample document of 1,000 words or more using the Free Trial button – we will fix the first 100 words for free and send it back to you.



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